Palomino (Listan Blanc)

Palomino (Listan Blanc)

Information about Palomino (Listan Blanc)

Grape variety Palomino (Listan Blanc)
Synonyms Alban, albar, albilla, albilla de Lucena, antillana, assario,assario do Alentejo, bayoud, bayoud merseguera, blanc d'Algerie, blanc d'Anjou, blanc de Bordeaux, blanc leroy, blanca castellana, blanca extra, blanco jerez, chasselas de Jesús, cherin blanc, chering blanc, conil, diagalves, doradillo, dorado, el bayoudh, faranah, fransdruif, gencibel, genciber, gencibera, gencibiera, golden, chasselas, grenade, grillo, guignard de saintours 1, horgazuela, jerez, jerez de la frontera, jerez dorado, jerez fina, jerez fino, jerezana, katalon letnii, katalon zimnij, abrusco, lacet, lairenes vertes, laket, lista blanco, listán, listán blanc, listán blanca, listán blanco, listán blanco de Canarias, listán común, listán de drinada, listán de drinado, listán ladrenado, listán laeren, listán letnii, listán tardif, listán white french, listao, listao de Madeira, listrao, malvasia rei, malvazia, malvazia rei, mantuo de pilyas, manzanilla, manzanilla de Sanlúcar, merseguera, motril, mourisco, neiran d'alle, ojo de liebre, olho de lebre, orcaculo orgazuela, palomilla, palomillo, palomina, palomina blanca, palomina blanche, palomino, palomino 84, palomino basto, palomino de Chipiona, palomino de Jerez, palomino del pinchito, palomino fino de Xeres, palomino listan, palomino peluson, palominos, palote, paulo, perola do alentejo, perrum, point noir, polomino, punchi neri, qis katalonu, sardoa portalegre, seminario, temprana, temprana blanca, tempranas blancas, tempranas blanches, tempranilla, tempranilla blanca listán, tempranillo de Granada, tempranillo de Grenada, temprano, useiran d'alle, verdalou, white french, white french fransdruif, winter catalon, xeres, xerez e zarcillada
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Good
Ripening Late ripening.
Areas of cultivation In the Jerez area it represents 95% of the vineyards. It is grown in the area formed by Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Trebujena, and in the area of Cadiz . Its use is permitted, as complementary varieties, in wines from other sources, such as 'Quality Wine from the Land of Zamora', 'Quality Wine from the Land of León' and others. According to Spanish standards, it is a recommended variety in Andalusia. It is also authorised in the following Autonomous Communities: the Canary Islands (where it is known as Listán Blanco) in Cantabria, Castilla y León and Galicia.
Ampelographic features The bunches are large and pyramid-shaped. The grapes are spherical although irregular, medium-sized and yellow-green in colour.
Notes Sensitive to powdery mildew and botrytis. Likewise, it is very resistant to drought.

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