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Grape variety Cesanese Comune
Synonyms combino nero, nero ferrigno, sanguinella.
Grape colour Red grape
Aromas Neutral
Vigour Medium-Good
Ripening End of September, beginning of October.
Productivity Abundant and almost constant.
Areas of cultivation It is currently spread in the province of Frosinone and in the surrounding areas of the province of Rome, while in a recent past it was found in the Castelli Romani.
History The origins are still enveloped in the mystery, but certainly date back to very ancient times, associated with Plinio to the family of alveoli present at the time in the area of ​​Ariccia and used in large quantities for the production of red wine. The vine is also mentioned in the Statutes of Piglio Land of 1479 and by Rutilio Scotti in 1600. Cesanese was described by Acerbi as a productive and quality grape while Di Rovasenda mentions it as black Cesanese, also known as Cezanese or Cesarese And finally with the current Cesanese name in the Velletri Ampelographic Bullettino.
Ampelographic features Leaf: almost large, pentagonal, trilobate and rarely five-lobed; Petiole breast in lira, open; Superior elliptical lateral breasts, semi-closed and also with overlapping, moderately deep margins; Lateral lateral veins below V, open, or ellipsoid, closed, shallow; Upper page glabra, green, wrinkled; Bottom page glabra; Wavy flap, revoluted lobes with angles at right or dull ends; Main ribs on the bottom page of green, glabrous; Medium to regular teeth, in 1a, 2a or 3a series, with teeth almost small, straight edge margins on one side and slightly convex on the other, close to the base. Bunch: medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, sometimes winged, tight or semi-tightened for light casting; Short peduncle, medium thickness, herbaceous. Acino: medium size, oval or sub-oval, regular cross section; Thick, thick skin, black-violet color, very pry-like, medium-noticeable navel; Almost soft and simple flavor; Medium length and thickness pedicel, pinkish green color; Small looking, small, pink; A short, thin brush, greenish, slightly pinkish. Separation of the acorn from the medium of medium difficulty.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety It is able to produce color and alcoholic strength in wines with distinctive scents to the territory, tending to delicate aromas of wood and red fruits such as the classic blueberries or the sea that often evolve into complex almost tertiary aromas. On the palate the wines are soft, with good structure and full body, offering velvety feelings.
Notes Resistance to adversity: somewhat sensitive to cryptogamous diseases, especially deworming.

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