Marchesi di Montalto

Marchesi di Montalto

Buy marchesi di montalto 葡萄酒 The Marchesi di Montalto was born in 1996 with the determination to give continuity to the values, traditions and viticulture techniques of the centenary family farm and its philosophy of "the vine" as the root of life.

At present, the Farm covers an area of ​​180 hectares of which 98 are vines. The vineyards, planted with the noble varieties Pinot Noir, Riesling Renano, Pinot Grigio ... and with native Croatina vines, Riesling Italico, Moscato ..., are located in the best of the towns of Pietra De Giorgi, Cigognola, Broni and Montalto Pavese.

It is precisely in the latter, known for its great vocation for the vine and in particular for Pinot Noir and Riesling Renano, the Montalto Winery of Marchesi, which for several years has decided to devote unconditionally to winemaking Two specific vines.

One can reasonably define a "bi-variety" company that only breeds the finest Pinot Nero and Riesling bottles by bottling and marketing a varied range (about 80000 bottles a year) and remaining faithful to the motto: "Pinot Nero only And Riesling Renano no limits ".

Since the 1960s, Tersilio, the grandfather of the current owners, began to renovate the old buildings with the aim of turning them into premises for a winery to make wine from the harvested grapes.

However, the outcome of this radical process of change only became reality in the 90s with the arrival of Dr. Gabriele Marchesi one of grandfather Tersilio's grandsons, he began restructuring the whole company, starting from the vineyards, where he chose to cultivate Pinot Noir and Riesling Renano, the two varieties which are best suited to this territory.

The former winery has been completely renovated and adapted to the new demands of winemaking, He installed a modern and automated plant for the crushing, fermentation and storage of wines.

The massive underground tank from the 1800's, which was then used to collect rain water, has been transformed into a unique wine cellar, ideal for the fermentation and maturation of prestigious sparkling Classical Method Spumante.

In short, the entire building has been mainly designed for the processing of the two varieties mentioned above, in order to exalt these wines which represent this close link of tradition with the territory, although a constant research of innovation is done so as to continue to express its maximum quality potential.

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Marchesi di Montalto
Montalto Pavese (Pavia)

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葡萄酒類型 白葡萄酒 經典汽酒 brut
地區: 倫巴第大區
葡萄: 100% Pinot Nero
酒精: 12.50%
格式: 0,75 l Standard
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