Trebbiano di Soave / Turbiana

Trebbiano di Soave / Turbiana

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葡萄品種 Trebbiano di Soave / Turbiana
同義詞 Trebbiano di Lugana, Turbiana, Turviana, Terbiana, Trebbiano di Verona, Verdicchio Bianco B.
葡萄色 白葡萄
芳香 中性
初始蔓延 土人
成熟期 Early in October.
生產率 Good
產區 It is widespread in the provinces of Verona and Brescia, particularly on the southern shores of Lake Garda, often vinified with garganega.
歷史 The vine is very ancient, even more than the first news of the thirteenth century just like Verdicchio in Jesi and its surroundings. Today, the equality between the Trebbiano di Soave, that of Lugana and the Verdicchio has been demonstrated, the history of how this vine, originally from Veronese, has arrived in the Marche where it finds its highest expression, has also been reconstructed. The introduction to the center of Italy seems to be due to a strong migration of Veneto from the Veneto in these regions due to a virulent plague epidemic. The vine then assumed identity with the various territories, differentiating some aromas, so that today the differentiation between the various vines is still used for the wines, whose results differ, from the precious Verdi of Jesi to the Trebbiano of Soave Venetians.
識別葡萄品種特徵 分類 Leaf: medium size, pentagonal, trilobata (some even almost whole leaf); Narrow-petiole breast, often closed with overlapping lobes; Shallow upper side breasts, to U, almost to lira; Lobster lobes, lanceolate the median and with corner at the top, right; Wavy or even twisted, somewhat bushy, grayish-green flap underneath and with fluffy toment; Flamboyant, greenish-yellowish ribs; Fairly regular tooth size, medium, with conical edge teeth, mucronate. Bunch: medium, elongated, pyramidal with a wing, quite compact; Short peduncle, herbaceous, lignified only to the insertion, of green color; Pedicels mezzani, thin, green with some brown punctuation; Clear, smooth, greenish look; Large, green brush. Acini: medium, spherical; Greenish peel with dotted, fairly thick and slightly barky punctuation; Persistent navel, protruding; Pulp is not completely dissolved, in a simple, sweet taste.
特色酒 The wine obtained from the trebbiano di Soave is straw yellow, with intense intensity, with clear hints of golden apple. The taste shows pleasant and decisive notes of freshness, medium alcoholism and softness.
筆記 Resistance to diseases and other adversities: not very resistant to oj and rotten grapes.

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