葡萄品種 Carricante
同義詞 Carricanti, caricanti, nocera bianca, catanese bianco.
葡萄色 白葡萄
成熟期 End of September, beginning of October.
生產率 Pretty abundant and regular.
產區 It's only spread in some Sicilian areas.
歷史 The first testimonies date back to 1760, which they have been describing cultivated for centuries around Etna.
識別葡萄品種特徵 分類 Leaf: medium, pentagonal or sub-orbicular, three-quinquelobata; Closed petiole breast with superimposed edges, or closed or open lira; V upper side or upper open side, or closed with overlapped lips (often one of the two is closed with overlapped lips, the other is open V); Inferior lateral breasts typically mentioned, open V; Upper lobes on average marked, lower undershot, wavy; Corner at the top of the acute terminal lobe; Top green-bottle color page; Twisted flap (slightly in young leaves, markedly in the adult ones) slim; Surface of the wavy or partially bulletous flap; Bottom page of light green, spotted; Green ribs, top and bottom; Lower ribs I and II sub-lanugginose; Protruding those of I, II and III orders; Teeth with convex edges, irregular, pronounced and mucronized, wide-spread. Bunch: medium, long 17-20 cm, conical, simple or with a wedge more or less developed; Medium sparrow; Visible peduncle, woody to the first branch; Long, green pedicel, with evident and verrucatory tenderness; Presence of brown warts also in the rest of the pedicel; Short, greenish-yellowish brush. Acino: medium, sub-ellipsoid, of regular shape, with regular cross-section (circular); Greenishish-yellowish skin, blurring in the greenish-whitish, irregularly distributed; Very prunus, of medium thickness, consistant; Umbilicus generally persistent, prominent; Juicy flesh, simple and sweet flavor.
特色酒 However, in the wines it makes a certain softness, with fine aromas, with good aroma. The predominant scents are herbaceous and floral, with a palate that follows the olfactory tendencies. A good feature of this wine is its acidity that allows it to be small in the barrels, even with real aging. In the mouth it also maintains some flavor that makes it a good accompaniment for structured dishes.
筆記 Resistance to meteoric adversity, diseases and parasites: little disease-resistant; Subject to frostbite, as well as droughts, excessive heat, and August syrups, which may cause sunburn to unprotected bunches of leaves.

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白葡萄酒 醇
Giovanni Rosso
DOC Etna Bianco, Carricante
12.50%, 0,75 l
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白葡萄酒 經典汽酒 brut
IGT Terre Siciliane, Carricante, Chardonnay
12.00%, 0,75 l
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白葡萄酒 醇
I Turrizzi
DOC Etna Bianco, 95% Carricante
13.00%, 0,75 l
價格 HK$ 240.00
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HK$ 206.40
Last 3 bottles
價格 HK$ 204.00
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