Bianco d'Alessano

Bianco d'Alessano


葡萄品種 Bianco d'Alessano
同義詞 bianco di Lessame, verdurino, achiappapalmento.
葡萄色 白葡萄
活力 中好
成熟期 End of September, first decade of October.
生產率 Good and constant in classical areas.
產區 It is widespread in Puglia, in the area of ​​Murgia, the trulli and adjacent valleys.
歷史 The first news of its cultivation in the area is quite recent (end of the eighteenth century), and since then the Bianco d'Alessano vine was often vinified in vine with Verdeca grape. It is progressively lost in importance to the latter, more fertile and productive and capable of transmitting more (verdolino) wines to the wines than the straw yellow straw yellow of Bianco d'Alessano.
識別葡萄品種特徵 分類 Leaf: medium and large size; Orbicular, 3-5 lobata; Pectoral breast V or U, lateral veins in V and lira; Upper page glabra, dark green, dull, green ribs with slightly red start; Lower green leaf page, lantern, ribs of 1st and 2nd protruding order; Flat flap with slightly wavy surface, quite often; Flat lobbies, corner at the top of the acute terminal lobes; Irregular, pronounced side teeth, broad convex. Bunch: Conical-cylindrical shape, simple or winged, compact appearance, 18-25 cm long, with medium and large peduncle visible; Short pedestal, green, difficult to separate from the acino; Evident searches, green; Short brush, light green tending to yellow. Acino: Regular spheroid, medium thickness (12-15 mm) with persistent navel; Circular cross section, thick skin, pruinose, evenly distributed yellow color; Juicy flesh, neutral flavor.
特色酒 The wine obtained from Alessano's white grape is of straw yellow color. The palate is light.
筆記 Exclusively for winemaking. The "Bianco d'Alessano" combined with "Verdeca" gives the typical wine of Martina Franca with 11-12 ° of alcohol, of neutral taste, medium acidity of 5 ‰.

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