Only 100 years had passed since Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas when the Bisol family settled in the Prosecco production area, a presence certified by legal documents of the Venetian Republic.

Initially they were entrusted with a position of trust as stewards of some land belonging to the noble House of Pula and Istria, belonging to the Sergi family, located on the hillsides of an area known as Chartice, a name that leads back to the present-day authoritative Cartizze hill. More than 20 generations have succeeded one another from then to the present day, but the oenological interest began around 1875 when Eliseo Bisol began prosperously marketing wine.

The adversities of the following years, phylloxera and the cruelty of the First World War never broke a chain that had as its next link Desiderio Bisol nicknamed Jeio (mentioned on many labels) who then entrusted the property to his 4 sons. The wine cellar has retained its original features since it was dug into the rock; only bottles from historic vintages are kept here.


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    Via Follo, 33 - Valdobbiadene (TV)
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    Desiderio Bisol
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