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葡萄品种 Tintilia
葡萄色 红葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
活力 温和
产区 Molise (Italy)
特色酒 The grapes, of a bluish-black color, have a good aroma and give rise to a very particular wine, with an intense and intense color. The olfactory profile is characterized by elegant spicy notes, which blend with hints of red fruit. It has a good structure, in the mouth it is warm and expresses complex aromas. The finish has a nice persistence.A good acidity and important tannins, they recommend aging for medium-long periods, even in tonneaux, to give the wine more softness and drinkability.
笔记 Tintilia is a rustic vine, which resists well in the cold, but it is not very vigorous and has a rather low productivity.

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红葡萄酒 醇
DOC Tintilia del Molise Rosso, 100% Tintilia
14.50%, 0,75 l
GR 3
HK$ 420.00
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红葡萄酒 醇
Di Majo Norante
DOC Tintilia del Molise Rosso, 100% Tintilia
14.00%, 0,75 l
HK$ 158.00
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