Bianchetta trevigiana

Bianchetta trevigiana

购买葡萄酒 土人 - (本地)


葡萄品种 Bianchetta trevigiana
同义词 Bianchetta, Bianca Gentile di Fonzaso, Bianchetta Semplice, Pignolo Bianco, Pavana Bianca, Uva Cinese, Vernaccia Trentina.
葡萄色 白葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
活力 挺好
成熟期 End of September-first decade of October.
生产率 Abundant and constant (it must be long).
产区 Veneto
历史 Since the early '500s and some Indigene authors of Trevigiano, since it matured earlier, it was used to "prosecco" Prosecco, especially in cold vintages. Cultivated often in high and difficult areas, along with Verdiso. In fact, Bianchetta is a generic name, with which are indicated grapes with different ampelographic characteristics. It is with the seventeenth century that we come to recognize a Bianchetta cultivated in Treviso, probably by Caronelli (1788); Then we find a detailed description of Zava (1901) and Dalmasso (1937) confirming its ancient presence in the Treviso area. In the past it was very widespread also in the region of Atenes, Valsugana and Valdadige, and in Bolzanese with the name Vernaccia bianca or Pavana.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: medium size, pentagonal, trilobate and sometimes even quinquelobata; Petiole breast open to V-U; Shallow upper side breasts that sometimes tend to close; Lower lateral breasts just mentioned, open; Corner at the top of the terminal lobe, straight; Flat planes, unmarked; Flat flap or slightly bent; Upper green page, glabra, bollosa, matt; Gray-green bottom page, aracnoid with velvety ribs; Not very flashy ribs, green, sometimes with rosé base; Medium teeth, double, dull, with convex margins, mucronates. Bunch: medium, squat, pyramidal, with a wing sometimes very large to make the "double" or compound bunch appear; A bit compact; Visible peduncle, herbaceous, pedicelli mezzani, thin, green, with some pustule; Evident, verrucous, brown; Medium, thin, yellow-green brush. Acino: medium, spheroid, pruinous peel, yellowish green, thick, rather consistent, slightly astringent flavor, persistent navel; Melted pulp, juicy, simple flavor.
特色酒 Wine obtained from the Trevigiana white grape is of straw yellow color. The palate is light.
笔记 Resistance to adversity: normal.

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