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Domini Veneti Amarone Espressioni Castelrotto 2011

Domini Veneti Amarone Espressioni Castelrotto 2011

Front Domini Veneti Amarone Espressioni Castelrotto 2011
Back Back Domini Veneti Amarone Espressioni Castelrotto 2011
0,75 l  -  17.00% by vol.
Negrar - Domini Veneti
Amarone Espressioni embodies the philosophy of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar and is the result of more than 10 years of research conducted in association with the Experimental Institute for Viticulture in Conegliano Veneto and the Experimental Centre for Vinegrowing in the Province of Verona. Cantina Valpolicella Negrar has conducted research and development throughout the local area for many years and today is reaping the benefits. It stands at the heart of Valpolicella Classica and owns vineyards in all five of the region’s historic grape-producing valleys: Negrar, San Pietro in Cariano, Sant’Ambrogio, Marano and Fumane.This situation affords us a deeper insight into the workings of the local terroir and enables us to understand the importance of our heritage so that we can add value to the produce of this unique region. With this project, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar goes beyond the traditional meaning of Amarone, the hallmark of which has always been its grape-drying techniques and local grape varieties. Today, we are promoting the region’s various terroirs and their undiscovered values, to which the unique characteristics and future competitiveness of Amarone are bound.
Intense compact garnet red.
Complex and ethereal, grace - ful and fine.
Full-bodied bal - anced by velvety tannins
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HK$ 650.00
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Serving temperature:
18 - 20°C.
Decanting time:
2 hours
Over 25 years
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Name Domini Veneti Amarone Espressioni Castelrotto 2011
Wine type Red still
Year 2011
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Veneto
Grapes 70% Corvina, 15% Rondinella, 15% Corvinone
Location San Pietro in Cariano is the south ernmost municipality of the Valpolicella Classica region and is bordered by the Lessini Mountains to the north. Although predominantly flat, San Pietro in Cariano has some hilly areas, the highest of which is Castelrotto (172 metres). There are many environmental variables that make each vineyard and the Amarone it produces unique such as the great diversity of bedrock. The valley of San Pietro in Cariano is characterized by alluvial soils, while detritic deposits are typical of Castelrotto. Negrar in the Villa area is noted for limestone nummoliti, Marano, particularly in San Rocco, is where basalts occur and igneous rocks known locally as Toar to Fumane to Mazzurega, for limestone while Sant’Ambrogio has marly limestone.
Climate Climatic variables also define specific microclimates : temperature and diurnal fluctuations, plus rainfall and interactions with physical characteristics such as soil depth and slope, chemical composition of soil, exposure, and the altitude above sea level. Even the wind direction and its speed influence the expressive quality of the wine. Each grape variety and clone behaves differently depending on the micro climate, expressing its best in some locations rather than others, and then with man’s intervention, traditional techniques will ensure truly authentic wines.
Composition of the land All these factors are touches of colour that, together, form a unique landscape watercolour, composed from little nuances, aromas and flavours of Amarone. Discover the Amarone of Valpolicella, constructed of many facets and able to trigger multiple emotions that show us an interpretation of the landscape through its wines. Within these results, where the terroir is the leading protagonist, we must not forget that another crucial component is the human factor: the people who, thanks to their knowledge, ingenuity and hard work are able to interpret these microcosms, first through a winemaking expression that reflects the excellence and diversity of the raw materials and the land, then the varietal highlights the vast and varied ampelographic heritage of grapes suited to the land. These are people who pursue excellence, not to mention tradition, who can naturally combine features of ancient and modern, and local with global. The guideline for our everyday actions and ways of thinking is our awareness that there is no single Amarone but different expressions of this important wine. We must identify and interpret the right values and give genuine meaning to the word typicity as this is synonymous with authenticity
System Pergola Veronese. Located in the southernmost part of the Valpolicella Classica region in the muncipality of San Pietro in Cari - ano (Castelrotto) 150 metres above sea level. South-facing vineyard with vines planted in east-west rows. Soil type: medium texture, sandy alluvial deposits with stony clay overlaying limestone. Grass sward between vines.
Harvest Harvest: hand-picked between late September and early October
Temperature fermentation Fermentation between 12°C and 23°C
Period fermentation Drying (appassimento) in bespoke facilities for 120 days until January.
Production technique Vinification: destemmed and gentle pressed in early February.
Vinification Slow maceration for 30 days, including cold soaking for 12 days. Manual punching down of cap 3 times a day. Full malolactic fermentation. Natural stabilization
Aging Refinement in 50 hl Slavonian-oak barrels for 5 years, then in bottles for 6-8 months
Alcohol 17.00% by volume
Total acidity 57.00 gr/L
PH 371.00
Residual sugars 3.00 gr/L
Dry extract 365.00 gr/L
Matching Its good drinkability and distinctive flavours make this Amarone ideal for everyday drinking paired with meat dishes.
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Negrar - Domini Veneti

From this winery:
The mission of the Cantina Valpolicella Negrar is still now to increase the value of itsmembers activity,producing excellent wines and promoting culture and knowledge of viticulture and oenology. Today the company advises and coordinate the activity ...
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