Decugnano dei Barbi Orvieto Superiore Mare Antico 2019
Decugnano dei Barbi Orvieto Superiore Mare Antico 2019
BB 5
GR 3
VT 4

Decugnano dei Barbi, 0,75 l - 13.50%
20% Chardonnay, 55% Grechetto, 5% Trebbiano, 20% Vermentino

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Umbria - Italy
White still

How to serve

Serve at:

12 - 14°C.


05 - 10 years


Decugnano dei Barbi Orvieto Superiore Mare Antico 2019


A vibrant light colour.


Notes of golden apple and mature zesty citrus.


The palate is characterised by bright acidity with a touch of salinity, that typifies the soil and it closes with a long, lingering finish.


Matured cheese


Name Decugnano dei Barbi Orvieto Superiore Mare Antico 2019
Type White still
Classification DOC Orvieto Superiore
Year 2019
Size 0,75 l Standard
Alcohol content 13.50% by volume
Grape varieties 20% Chardonnay, 55% Grechetto, 5% Trebbiano, 20% Vermentino
Country Italy
Region Umbria
History Nestled outside the medieval town of Orvieto, the Decugnano estate has long been associated with winemaking. Records dating from 1212 confirm the presence of monks who dedicated themselves to the cultivation of local vines. The land remained under the ownership of the Church until the unification of Italy in 1861, when the estate was sold to private investors. In 1973 it passed into the hands of the Barbi family, wine merchants since the 1920s, whose work has elevated the quality of the estate’s wines to new levels and gained international recognition for the protected designation of origin of Orvieto Classico DOC.
Soil composition Decugnano dei Barbi comprises 63 hectares in total, of which 33 hectares are under vine and 13 different grape varieties are cultivated. In contrast to the rest of the Orvieto Classico DOC area the soil is of marine origin, dating from the Pliocene epoch. The oyster fossils and seashells that can be found scattered throughout the vineyard are testament to the presence of an ancient sea. Light in colour and rich in calcium, the soil provides the perfect growing environment for the vines. The clay component ensures adequate water-holding capacity for the dry season and calcium provides vital micro-nutrients for berry cell wall development. This soil structure is complemented by a unique microclimate, with constant ventilation and marked diurnal temperature variation, essential for the retention of acidity and aromas. As a result, our wines exhibit a characteristic minerality and freshness.
Yield per hectare 7000kg
Harvest Grapes were carefully selected and harvested by hand, with a yield of 7000kg per hectare.
Fermentation temperature 14-16 °C
Fermentation period 15-20 days.
Vinification On arrival at the winery they were de-stemmed, cooled and pressed. Fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks for 15-20 days at 14-16 °C.
Ageing 5% was fermented in new French oak, without malolactic fermentation. The wine spent 12 months in bottle before market release.
Total acidity 6.30 gr/L
pH 3.35
Production year 29,792 bottles
Allergens Contains sulphites

Official awards




Gambero Rosso
Vitae AIS
From this winery:

Decugnano dei Barbi is a winery that can boast enviable records. That of having, in 1978, created the first Classical Method of Umbria and that of having conceived, in 1981, the first muffato in Italy. All this is due to the will of Claudio Barbi, wh...

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