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Rodrigo Mendez

After completing the work to enhance the "bodega" of the Forjas del Salnes family, through a process begun in 2003 thanks to the support of fellow countryman Raúl Pérez, in the 2012 Rodrigo Mendez feels the need to further fuel this creative drive by laying the foundations for the realization of a more intimate and personal project that happens to have decided to identify his own name.

The beginning is marked by the identification and management of some vineyards in the native municipality of Meaño, where he also establishes the "new" and more precisely inside the Parish of Xil. The first sprout of this spring is called El Barredo, a wine that takes its name from the vineyard of the same name located in the near Valtuille de Abajo and whose age is well over 80 years old.

The name comes from the clay composition that characterizes the vineyard and that, as you can imagine, in times of rain makes it almost impossible to access. The wine is the result of the union of Mencia grapes in a percentage equal to 85% and a remaining percentage of Pinot Noir coming from by a finca personally planted by Raul about 15 years ago. Vinification is characterized by the use of used French oak barrels and long macerations and very low frequency of pumping over, with the aim of safeguarding as far as possible the characteristic traits of the land from which the grapes come.

Fermentation takes place naturally using only natural yeasts. present on the skins and at the end of the aging process, which lasts about 12 months, the wine is simply bottled without passing through any kind of filter or process of clarification.

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    Rodrigo Mendez
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    Pontevedra (Spain)

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