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Schiava - Vernatsch

Schiava - Vernatsch

Information about Schiava - Vernatsch

Grape variety Schiava - Vernatsch
Synonyms Margellana, Schiava lombarda.
Grape color Red grape
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Good
Ripening period End of September-early October.
Productivity Regular and abundant.
Growing areas Its diffusion in Italy is concentrated in Trentino-Alto Adige and in the neighboring areas of Lombardy and Veneto.
History The graceful Slavic vine originates almost certainly in Slavonia, Croatia's region between the Sava and Drava rivers. From these regions it was imported into Italy at an age corresponding to that of the Longobards invasions, that is around the thirteenth century. The name is derived from its area of ​​origin, or, according to another theory, from the fact that from the ancient times these vineyards were grown in rows and not left as a sapling. The "Schiave" family also includes the Great Schiava, the Gray Schiava and the Black Schiava. All these vines have in common a certain rusticity (and hence adaptation to various types of environment) and high productivity and early maturation.
Features ampelographic Leaf: large, pentagonal, three or five-leafed; Petiole breast, limbs, upper side open U, lower extremities just mentioned; Fleece thick, slightly bent, with bushy surface; Slightly wrapped lobes and corner at the top of the straight end lobes; Upper page glabra, light green, opaque with green ribs; Bottom swollen, light gray-green color with velvety and protruding ribs; Very pronounced, irregular, convex, sharp side teeth. Bunch: Large (25-30 cm long), compact, elongated, cylindrical-conical, sometimes winged; Peduncle visible, half-legged. Acino: more than medium, almost bulky (17 mm in diameter), spheroid, irregular; Persistent navel; Circular, irregular cross section; Black-violet pruinous peel with regular color distribution, little consistency; Colorless juice, neutral flavor, juicy pulp; Medium, green pedicel; Striking, greenish-brown, wrinkled; Medium brush, reddish; Separation of the pedicle from the easy acina.
Features wine The wine that is obtained from the gentle slave grape is ruby ​​red, clear. On the palate it is fruity, fresh, vinous.
Notes Resistance to parasites and other adversities: a little sensitive to rotting and oozing.
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