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Information about Pepella

Grape variety Pepella
Grape colour White grape
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Good
Ripening I decade of September.
Areas of cultivation Two locations in the province of Salerno: Scala (Company "Vuilleumier") and Castel S. Lorenzo (Az. Mucciolo, experimental vineyard of the Campania Region, ampelographic platform).
History The first mention dates back to De Rovasenda in 1877 in the "Essay of universal ampelography, where it refers to a table grapes of the province of Naples called Pepe." It is likely that its introduction to the Amalfi coast is fairly recent, and in any case not prior to the end of the nineteenth century.Its name is due to the phenomenon of acinellatura that leads to a difference in size of the berries, so the bunch is usually some normal and others the size of a peppercorn.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium-sized, pentagonal, five-lobed; the upper page is dark green, with a red petiole point; the lower page is on average fluffy, with slightly reddish ribs; the petiolar sinus is U-shaped, open, sometimes with a tooth; the upper lateral sinuses are U-shaped with overlapping edges; the lower lateral sinuses are open V; the flap is usually bullous, wavy; the teeth are medium to straight or hooked sides. Cluster: medium-long, pyramidal conical, winged, sparse, with short stalk, robust and partially lignified. Berry: small or very small, of non-uniform size, elliptical in shape; the skin is yellow-green, slightly pruinose, with an apparent navel; the flesh is colorless, consistent, juicy, with a neutral taste; the pedicel is thin, medium, with difficult separation; the brush is green, short.
Notes Resistance to pests and other adversities: compared to the most common plant diseases, "Pepella" is more tolerant to botrytis, due to the more sparse bunch and the thicker skin of the berry. Both vines observed are on average tolerant to drought conditions.

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