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Information about Nosiola

Grape variety Nosiola
Synonyms nosiola gentile, nosiola, groppel, spargelen; eronneamente chiamata anche dall'occhio bianco, durella, durello.
Grape colour White grape
Aromas Neutral
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Medium-Good
Ripening End of September, early October.
Productivity Abundant but uneven.
Areas of cultivation It is spread in Trentino in the valley of lakes and in Veneto.
History There are no historical quotations, however, it is believed that this vine has been widespread in Trentino, as it is still, at least since the beginning of the last century. Certainly in Trentino it is the oldest cultivated white grape variety, and for decades the arrival of the most intriguing French and German names introduced later. Tradition attributes the etymology of the name to the resemblance of the grapes next to color maturation and the shape of hazelnuts.
Ampelographic features Leaf: a bit 'less than average, pentagonal, three-lobed, with lateral sinuses rather deep and U with the edges that sometimes they touch and overlap, petiole sinus V-U very open; Glaze on both sides, slightly bent folded or cupped flap, smooth, somewhat shiny and a bit thick, slightly revolving lobes, corner at the top of the almost straight terminal lobes; Dark green color and yellowish yellow ribs above, lighter and yellowish ribs below; Not very pronounced but acute tooth; Ribs of 1 ° -2 ° protruding order. In "Nosiola" there are many female females whose small and whole leaves mask some of the normal ones. Bunch: Medium (15-20 cm), compact, elongated, slightly thin, cylindrical, sometimes winged with peduncle visible, half-length, thin, half-light, light green; Short pedicels, somewhat big, verrucous, green; Evident, green-brown look; Short brush. Acino: medium, spheroidal, regular with persistent navel, regular cross section; Pruinous, yellow-greenish and sometimes gilded skin, somewhat thin but consistent, somewhat astringent; Juicy flesh, neutral flavor.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety From the nosiola you get a straw-yellow wine with a strong intense and fruity aroma, with hints of apple and hazelnut. The taste is pleasantly balanced between freshness and pseudo-caloric feelings, with medium structure.
Notes Resistance to parasites and other adversities: discrete resistance to peronospora, rather sensitive to ojidi, but easily susceptible to rotting in humid autumns; Being of early sprouting is subject to the damage of spring frost; Is easily attacked by the mites.

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