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Grape variety Marzemino
Synonyms berzemino, berzamino, marzemina d'Isera, marzemino gentile, berzamin.
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Excellent
Ripening End of September, early October.
Productivity Good and constant.
Areas of cultivation It is widespread in Trentino and neighboring Lombardy and Venetian provinces. In Vallagarina, in the province of Trento, only the "gentle" marzip is currently being spread, which is located in Isera and Volano, the areas most suitable for cultivating it.
History It is also cultivated in Veneto and Sardinia with different synonyms that also respond to different species. The most well-known is the Venetian one, which seems to have been produced in the course of the centuries by the others that have then spread to other regions with the names of Bassamino, Barzemin Berzamino, Berzemino, Marzemina, Capolico and others. In 1825, eight different varieties of Marzemino from Acerbi were described, making it a very eclectic and difficult to interpret. This factor leads to great uncertainty about its origin. Theories want him to import Trentino from Carinthia by the local armies to the money of the Serenissima of Venice. Others want to come from Veneto, from where the first testimonies dating back to 1553 were made by Ortensio Lando and Agostino Gallo, while in the seventeenth century in Germany we referred to the vine as Marzamino di Bassano del Grappa. The name appears to originate in the Latin of the Middle Ages Marzerimen, when the term indicated March grains to indicate small berries. But this theory does not seem to confirm the size of today's grains.
Ampelographic features Leaf: pentagonal (cuneiform for elongated median lobe); Of medium size, trilobata with sometimes 5 lobes; V-shaped pectoral breast with almost always superimposed edges (and V more or less open with lined flap); Lateral suffixes of U rather pronounced, missing lateral lateral limbs or just mentioned; Upper page glabra, opaque, dark green color with green ribs, typically sunken; Bottom gray-gray bottom, with green ribs, slightly reddish at the base; Bulky flap, heavily bent to eaves, twisted and revolving lobes; Corner at the tip of the terminal lobe a bit acute; Very pronounced, irregular teeth, often marginal, sharp, mucronised; Ribs of 1 ° -2 ° protruding order. Warning. In this vine, the purple red color of various organs stands in the full summer: branches, peduncles of bunches and petioles; On the older leaves you can also notice reddish spots, distributed to mosaic, toward the center of the lamina. Bunch: 18-20 cm long, medium compact, pyramidal cylinder with 1 or 2 wings; Half-legged, fairly large, medium-length, reddish peduncle. The acorn: medium (mm 15-16), spheroid, of regular shape, with persistent navel, smooth cross section; A very thin, rather thin, but very thick skin, of blue-black color regularly distributed; A little thick pulp, of simple flavor; Slightly rose juice; Small and dark red brush; Half-length pedicels, thin, mid-length, mid-length, medium-evident, somewhat verrucous, brownish.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety From Marzemino you can get deep-colored wines, with a fruity, elegant olfactory range, with beautiful floral nuances of violet. On the palate it offers a good alcoholicity, with polished tannins balanced by a good sapidity. It can also provide light and sparkling wines when vinified for this type, especially in Veneto where it is also sweet vinified, in Conegliano, for the Refrontolo Passito. Trentino finds its favorite land for its most important and structured vinification, even with balsamic and spicy nuances, with mint hints, while rare in other regions.

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