Catarratto Bianco Comune

Catarratto Bianco Comune

Information about Catarratto Bianco Comune

Grape variety Catarratto Bianco Comune
Synonyms catarratto bianco nostrale, catarratto bianco latino, catarratto bertolaro, catarratto carteddaro.
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Good
Ripening September
Productivity Abundant but inconsistent.
Areas of cultivation The Cataract family still characterizes Sicilian viticulture today.
History Grape cultivated from remote times in Sicily.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium, pentagonal-round; five lobes; Petiole breast overlapped edges; Lateral breasts, both upper and lower, narrow V, or narrow V with parallel edges; Slightly twisted lobes; Corner at the top of the obtuse terminal lobes; Upper page of light green color, surface of the wavy, wrinkled, scarcely arachnoid, almost glabra; Bottom page of pale green, lanugginous; Ribs of order, both on the upper and lower pages, greenish-whitish; Protruding those of I and II order; Flap of medium consistency, slightly twisted; Teeth rather straight edge; irregular; Wide base. Bunch: medium, cylindrical or conical; Simple, often with one or two wings; Sometimes compact; Generally spatula or medium compact, for casting; Frequent, well, acinellatura; Average cluster length, cm 18; Wood peduncle, medium thickness, short, hazelnut; Long or medium-long pedicel, slim, green, with little noticeable and warty tendon; Small, white brush. Acino: medium, spheroidal or ellipsoid, regular, with regular cross-section (circular); Yellow-golden peel, with regular color distribution, pruinose, thick; Persistent navel without punctuation; Juicy flesh, sweet and simple flavor; Colorless juice.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine obtained from the common white cataract variety is of straw yellow color. On the palate it is floral, savory, fresh.

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