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Grape variety Ansonica/Inzolia
Synonyms inzolia, ansòria, insolia, nzolia, insora, anzonica, zolia bianca, insedia.
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Excellent
Ripening First half of September.
Productivity Abundant and constant.
Areas of cultivation It is spread mainly in Sicily, limited to Tuscany.
History This vine has arrived in Sicily from Greece, where it then spread to Tuscany and Elba Island in the 16th century. Later in the lily island between the 17th and 18th centuries, giving origin to the production of a unique wine.
Ampelographic features Leaf: pentagonal, of medium or large size, quinquelobata, with petiole breast closed or with overlapping edges; Lateral veins superior to narrow V or superimposed, very deep edges; Lower lateral limbs in the lower or lower limbs, less deep than the upper ones; Flat flap, medium thickness, flat or slightly wavy lobes; Corner at the top of the rectangular or almost flat terminals, but sometimes slightly acute; Upper leaf glabra, light green color, medium bright, with greenish-yellowish ribs; Lower leaf glabra, even lighter color of the upper, with greenish-yellowish ribs; Ribs of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° protruding order, glabrous or slightly flocculent to their insertion; Pronounced, convoluted, medium or wide base teeth. Bunch: Large (18-24 cm long), medium-spatulate, truncated pyramidal shape with 1-2 wings; Peduncle short, semi-woody, rather big. Acino: large (diameter 18 mm), sometimes medium (diameter 12 mm), elliptical, of regular shape, with persistent navel; Golden or amber yellow pruinous peel, with regular distribution, thick; Crisp flesh; Colorless juice, neutral but pleasant flavor; Medium length or long pedals of green color; Evident searches, green; Medium brush, jewel.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety Ansonica-Inzolia wine is tasting a straw-yellow color more or less intense in the dry versions, from brilliant golden to amber for late or late harvest versions. The texture is generally good, more or less marked depending on the origin of the wine. The olfactory profile of the Ansonica is generally intense and complex, fruity and fragrant, with notes of golden apples or ripe peaches. Possible floral notes of broom and wisteria, balsamic notes of lily of the valley and herbaceous (hay) with memories of minerality. The olfactory profile of Inzolia is intense and complex, also fruity with notes of golden apples or ripe peaches, but also melon and papaya. Possible floral notes of broom and wisteria, and memories of minerality. In some cases more specific for aging, butter and vanilla with toasted notes. Ansonica is a fresh, sapid, medium-bodied, light-bodied and generally good perspiration with fruity and citrus memories. The Inzolia has roughly the same profile on the palate, medium body and with longer softness and persistence with golden apple memories for the more structured versions.
Notes The possible combinations of Ansonica-Inzolia wines ranging from appetizer to crustaceans and fish dishes in delicate preparations for Ansonica and Inzolia in its youngest and most fragrant interpretations, fish soups and white meat dishes for those More structured.

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DOC Marsala Vergine/Soleras Riserva Liquoroso, Ansonica/Inzolia, Catarratto Bianco Comune, Grillo
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