Tenuta I Fauri
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Tenuta I Fauri

Tenuta i Fauri is not simply the brand name of a company, it is first and foremost a family, dedicated to wine production for many years, testifying to this is the vaguely ethylic nickname that has accompanied us for generations, the mark of an ancient vocation: Baldovino.

A challenge and a way of life:
these are the driving forces behind my father Domenico, frank and extrovert wine producer and we children, who from him have inherited the passion for ”making wine”, a mysterious art to be developed and refined.

The thirty-five hectares of vineyards, cultivated in a suggestive and happy geographic framework, produce sincere and elegant wines that lead back to the areas of origin and maintain unaltered the characteristics of the varieties.

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  • Name
    Tenuta I Fauri
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  • Address
    Strada Corta, 9 - Chieti (CH)
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  • Oenologist
    Luigi Di Camillo
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  • Hectares

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