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Salvioni - La Cerbaiola

The Salvioni family is one of Montalcino's historic presences. It has been owned by over a century by a well-known pharmacy, purchased by Blonds, and today its name is linked to the wine's enrichment of the territory. Merit of Julius, who since 1985 has filled the Sangiovese from the vineyard of Cerbaiola. The vandalized body that gives life to the great Brunello we all know is placed in a single block, allowing a timely operation. It is David, son of Giulio, who deals with the management of vineyards.
The different geological nature of soils corresponds to as many expressive variables in grapes matured. The consolidated relationship between Giulio and Attilio Pagli, company winemaker, guarantees continuity in the quality of production: "If the Brunello does not deserve, I only make Red"; So Julius clearly expresses, revealing an almost maniacal attention to the quality of the grapes. Moreover, it is only from perfectly matured grapes that it is possible to produce a great wine, capable of achieving excellence in every year of its marketing.
The balance and the perfect balance of wines comes from a rare mixture of freshness (we are 420 at sea level), exposure to the morning sun (southeast), clayey matrix and plant density not exaggerated to allow Plants have plenty of space available, favoring air circulation.

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    Salvioni - La Cerbaiola
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    Piazza Cavour, 19 - Montalcino (SI)
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    Attilio Pagli
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