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Graziano Prà.
The farm is located in Monteforte d'Prà Alpone the foot of the magnificent scenery of the hill Frosch fully planted up to the top.

The first label of our company dates back to 1983 when sell in our Soave Classico. Until then, our family, in the shape of my father Angelo, had given the grapes from their vineyards to the largest bottlers in the area.

Increasing awareness of the vocation of our vineyards, mostly located on Monte Grande, and on Foscarino Ponsara, pushed us to face this challenge.

After completing his studies at the Wine School of Conegliano Cerletti, with my brothers Flavio and Sergio we gave birth to a new course of business.

The growing evidence for the consumer and the first in the trade press soon confirmed by the goodness of our choice.

This forced us to buy new vineyards to increase the number of bottles produced: the original five acres are now owned by our father passed about 20 hectares, all buyers are looking to expand the vineyards early.

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    Via della Fontana 31 Monteforte D'Alpone (VR)
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    Graziano Pra'
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    Only proprietary grapes.

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