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My family’s first contact with the world of viniculture was in 1961 when my father, Dino Carletti, bought 22 hectares of land in the Comune of Montepulciano.He planted the first specialty vineyards in the region.The inspiration for this investment came more from the heart than from economic motives.It was dictated by my father’s desire to maintain a living contact with the place of his youth and the culture of his origins.

Apart from its immediate impact on the direction of the company, this bond had a fundamental influence on my formative decisions, compelling me to take a degree in agriculture in Florence in1978.

In the years immediately following, I held a professional post in an agricultural firm in Northern Italy.Although I wasn’t occupied with viticulture, it gave me an opportunity to enrich my training with valuable work experience.

At the end of 1980, due to the economic crisis and the decline in consumption, I took on the challenge of directing my own company, bringing to it a modern production philosophy based on my personal vision of agriculture. Passion for the art of making wine immediately took hold and inspired me to learn about the most advanced techniques of international viticulture and oenology.This led to the opening of a dialogue with industry specialists and colleagues in the Chianti Classico region that has become closer and more profitable with time.An essential factor at the beginning, was my friendship and collaboration with Doctor Carlo Ferrini, one of my university colleagues, as well as the invaluable counsel of Doctor Maurizio Castelli, a true master teacher who guided my first steps in the world of wine.
I soon understood that renewal of the company would only happen through a synthesis of courage, creativity and knowledge of the most advanced techniques.The result of this combination is the new viticulture of Poliziano.Thanks to it, our wines, which are strictly based on the use of Prugnolo Gentile, have demonstrated for at least ten years, a highly pleasing, international style, while maintaining a strong bond with their place of origin.
In over 20 years of vinicultural-oenological management of my company, I have never taken a decision based solely on market indications.Instead, my choices have been inspired by a passion for agriculture and the real excitement of imagining and conceiving a vine, a grape, a wine, and of watching them come to be after caring for them closely every step of the way.All this, combined with the fortunate surge in wine consumption, has contributed to the ascent of Estate Poliziano.
My objective for the future is to consolidate the distinctive character of the wines that will be produced from my new vineyards.To this end, I am dedicated to a continual and passionate search for every possibility of improving the quality of my wines.

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    Via Fontago 1 - Montepulciano (SI)
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    Fabio Marchi, Carlo Ferrini
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    Organic farming.

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