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Vitulazio is a beautiful, unpolluted area, with vineyards alternating with woods, highly draining sandy soils, 25% slopes, and daily draughts, throughout the year.

Vigna Sopra il Bosco is a true obsession. The plants are registered one by one and the whole vineyard is divided into sectors subject to different pruning, foliage management, surface management, and harvesting approaches.
The whole agronomic philosophy is aimed at minimizing interventions. The use of herbicides or pesticides is utterly excluded.

Harvesting is performed row by row, sometimes plant by plant, based on the desired maturation level, over a period of time that spans from the end of September to mid-October. The grapes are selected bunch by bunch and blended, without distinguishing between varieties, however at equal maturation stages. Winemaking occurs under constant temperature control, with minimum two-week maceration and malolactic fermentation in new 500-l french tonneaux, where the wine matures for 13 months, followed by bottle ageing for about eight months. The entire process is aimed at pursuing maximum elegance. No overriping, no over-concentration, but only the purest expression of two noble varieties, grown on soils that are perfectly suited for high-quality vine-growing. Giovanni makes only 7,400 bottles a year from this single vineyard.

Information about Nanni Copè

  • Name
    Nanni Copè
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    Vitulazio (Caserta)
  • Website
  • Oenologist
    Giovanni Ascione
  • Wines produced
  • Bottles produced
  • Hectares
  • Percentage of grapes purchased
    Only proprietary grapes.

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