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The Loire Valley, the third largest winegrowing region in the France, part of the UNESCO's world heritage from Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Centre region, offers exceptional land for viticulture and is a textbook example of a region with diverse terroirs. Joseph Mellot, a producer in Sancerre since 1513, offers 6 appelations from its 100 hectares of vineyards in the Centre-Loire region.

Catherine Corbeau Mellot and her team are winegrowers and makers who strongly belive in the notion of terroir.
They are committed to bringing out the extraordinary potential of the Centre-Loire region's vineyards.
For the last few years, major steps have been taken to improve the quality of our wines. Measures requiring a high level of technical skill have been implemented as:
- Environmental awareness: careful observation of the vineyards and climatic conditions limit spaying based on the real risk of disease.
- Limiting yields: systematic disbudding and pruning of unnecessary shoots. We keep 8 bunches of grapes per vine stock for our Pinot Noire and 10 bunches for our Sauvignon Blanc.
- Computer-assisted management of each vineyard to guarantee traceability for all of production.

Joseph Mellot is currently the only winery that vinifies all of the Centre-Loire region's appellations.
Some of the wines we sell are made with grapes grown in the family vineyards while other wines are made with grapes purchased from our partner growers. In both cases, Joseph Mellot oversees the entire vinification process and ensures that the entire production and ageing processes of the wines are carefully monitored.

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