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Elena Fucci

Now all lovers of the Vulture(is a geographical and historical subregion of south Italy) are aware of stubbornness and tenacity of Elena Fucci. The strength of a woman's wine, not only by his skill and his studies, but also from the family vineyards. Generoso her grandfather, who still follows Elena in the vineyard, the vineyard that have acquired more than forty years ago and where you can still come across tree stumps of seventy years ago; from father Salvatore, who fiercely defends the work of the daughter, by her brothers and her mother often present, especially during harvest.
A "title" of family, like a coat-of-arms, represents them all, custodians of one of the districts most suitable from the entire distribution area of the Vulture, often at the top of national winemaking excellence.

Information about Elena Fucci

  • Name
    Elena Fucci
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    C.da Solagna del Titolo - Barile (PZ)
  • Website
  • Oenologist
    Elena Fucci
  • Bottles produced
  • Hectares
  • Type of cultivation
    Organic farming.

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