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Domaine Pierre Gelin

The estate was created in 1925 by Pierre GELIN. Stéphen GELIN took over its management in 1969 and was then succeeded by Pierre-Emmanuel, his son. Pierre Emmanuel pays special attention to the cultivation method: the vines are cultivated in an environmentally-friendly manner and tilled. If fertilisers are required, we make sure that they are natural (manure from organic farming).

To obtain high-quality grapes of optimal maturity, the vines are disbud in a very selective manner, and remove leaves by hand.

For the need to respect the environment, the Domaine uses rainwater to wash its tractors and has installed a "plant container" to process water used to rinse sulphating equipment. The fermenting room is equipped with a screen and a sludge remover, so no wine-making effluents are discharged into the public network.

Vinification follows the traditional methods but adapts in order to continuously improve the quality of the wines. The wines mature in oak barrels – the percentage of new barrels varies depending on the Crus and vintages – to give light woody note, from 20 to 22 months. The wines are then bottled on the estate and are only marketed after being stored for a year or two in our cellars.

Information about Domaine Pierre Gelin

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    Domaine Pierre Gelin
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    Fixin (France)
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  • Percentage of grapes purchased
    Only proprietary grapes.

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