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Marche region, the Umbrian border, of Camerino valley.
The only region to be closed to the sea, the only one with a temperate climate. The farm is nestled in the vineyards above Castelraimondo 450 meters. Only around the country.
Collestefano is a dream: a small family farm in South Tyrol style.

A history of love for the land, that of Marchionni, today owners of Collestefano. Always peasants, Marchionni come here, to Rustano of Castelraimondo (MC), in the 60s of the twentieth century, abandoning the nearby Camerino the hardships of a life too thin and ungenerous.
The hard work leads to the purchase of this small village halfway up the hill, called Collestefano always.
It will take many years to shine the name of this farm in the big league of Italian wine producers: we must indeed wingless cultural and professional maturity of Fabio, son of Benedict and Anna.
E 'in 1998, and Fabio, new graduate in Oenology and recovering from an experience of wine production and trade in a wine shop in Germany, the first vintage bottles of Verdicchio di Matelica, flanked by parents, irreplaceable, and his wife Silvia, who It is divided between the countryside and the daughters, Elena and Serena.

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    Loc. Colle Stefano, 3 - Castelraimondo (MC)
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    Organic farming.

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