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Chateau Sociando Mallet

The Chateau Sociando Mallet winery was created by Jean Gautreau in 1969. In his youth, Jean had dedicated himself to the sale of low-cost Bordeaux wines to be exported to Africa. The business went well and when in Bordeaux wine prices rose sharply in 1956, it decided to turn to richer and more profitable countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. The real turning point of his life took place in 1969 when Jean, seeking an estate on behalf of a Belgian client, discovered the Chateau Sociando Mallet in the commune of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, north of Pauillac, in full Medoc; The vineyard does not exceed 5 hectares, has old plants and maltreated by previous owners, but is situated in a beautiful location on the Gironde estuary and enjoys a beautiful view over the river and the surrounding countryside, Jean falls in love with it and buys it For 250 thousand francs.
The construction is very poor, there is no cellar and there are only a few barrels in a garage, but little by little Jean begins the restoration work of the castle and the reorganization of the vineyard, and with the help of Gerard Cler, Already used in the Chateau, proclaims the first vintage, which reveals the exceptional nature of the terroir.
Today, the "Domaine" extends over 110 hectares, of which 85 are vines, 48% Sauvignon, 47% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc, the three vines assembled in wise proportions provide Bordaux Chateau Sociando Mallet which well represents the great wines of Medoc.

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