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Bruno Rocca - Rabajà

The family has been tied to this territory since the late 1950s, when Bruno Rocca’s father Francesco, and his wife Maria Adelaide, moved from the centre of Barbaresco to the Rabajà area, where they bought a section of a vineyard.

This spelled the beginning of the company’s growth and the end of sharecropping. Still a minor, Bruno learned to see grapes as the true expression of the land. After the first decades, when the vineyard’s products were sold almost exclusively to Barbaresco Producers, and used only minimally for wine production, in 1978 he decided to take the company in a new direction. With enthusiasm growing for the burgeoning wine market, Rabajà di Bruno Rocca managed to carve out a name and image for itself on the Italian and world stage by selling bottled wine, thereby becoming a veritable leader in the field.

The philosophy of wine as the natural expression of the Barbaresco territory was widely appreciated, and with the company’s gradual growth came the purchase of new plots of land and the expansion of the cellar, all the way up to the current day.

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  • Name
    Bruno Rocca - Rabajà
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    Strada Rabajà, 60 - Barbaresco (CN)
  • Website
  • Oenologist
    Bruno Rocca, Francesco Rocca
  • Bottles produced
  • Hectares
  • Percentage of grapes purchased
    Only proprietary grapes.
  • Type of cultivation
    Organic farming.

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