The indomitable beauty of the island of Skye, its primitive valleys and its mountains. A wonderful island that fascinates the variety of its landscape and its sea, a corner of Scotland still linked to Gaelic culture. Here comes the Talisker and we have no difficulty in saying that his whiskey completely resembles the wild character of the island.

Founded in 1830 near the town of Carbost by Brothers Hugh and Kenneth MacAskills, and with total despair of the local pastor who preached against drinking ills, Talisker limped into the 80s of the nineteenth century when he passed into the hands of Roderick Kemp and Alexander Grigor Allen who invested a substantial amount of money to renovate and refurbish the distillery.

Kemp eventually won for his share of Talisker, with the sale money bought a small (at that time) distillery, the Macallan. Allen took control of the entire company in co-ownership with Sir Dailuaine, founding Dailuaine-Talisker Distilleries Ltd. During the same period, the distillery buildings were expanded and finally a pier was built.

In 1960, the distillery was frozen by a serious accident that almost led to its closure. Someone forgot to close the doors of one of the wash still, causing the boiling distillate to escape that in contact with the glowing coal underneath caught fire disastrous fire. The factory was forced to close and managed to reopen only in 1972 when the black olives were replaced with other identical, but with the inner steam coil.

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