Buy wines Torrevento Our wine is born here, in the hardest and wildest area, in the north-western Murgia, in a land where the history of men mixes up to nature colours.The stone is a part of the landscape, it is also the uncontrasted queen of the environment: it makes drywalls, little houses and countryside churches.
The sunny landscape becomes sweeter and sweeter in the fields and in the austere beauty of a lonly owk-tree. In the north of Puglia, hills outline is so soft, autumn colours so warm and land's little fruits so perfumed.

Our farm is here, not so far from Castel del Monte's extraordinary harmonies in an area named "Torre del Vento" (wind's tower), where an ancient monastery ( XVIII th c) surronded by 400 hectars of land, hostes the farm's heart since 1948, when the 2 brothers Francesco and Domenico Liantonio buy the holding Torrevento.

Since then, a long tradition of wine productions folowing rural ancient proceeding methods, hands down from one generation to another and it is still the strenghth of our farm. In a hard and stoned territory, autoctonous species of wine are recovered and selected to express the wine-vocation of our territory at the best.
Large caves dived in the monastery's rock keep our precious wine and ancient local wine traditions with the help of new techniques of wine-production, make our product better and better.

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