Tenuta Mazzolino

Tenuta Mazzolino

Buy wines Tenuta Mazzolino Cultures near and far are interwoven to the Estate Bouquet, moreover, in its Latin name literally means the meeting place, a stage (Mansiolinum). The vine grows here for three thousand years to ancient traditions with modern technology today overlaps, but the taste of wine bouquet delights the palates of esteemed experts and fans is not simply given by the right grade, the quality of the grape, its processing, the essence that nourishes the roots of the vines of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Bonarda and Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a deep passion of those who cultivate this fertile land. In 1980 Henry Braggiotti looking for a place of gathering for his family of five families to enjoy the company of four children and 12 grandchildren. He wants a campaign to sink the roots of Italian ancestry who was born in Turkey part partly in France, a land in which sow the seeds of a passion cultivated over the years: that of wine. His hope is that the love of good drink is collected by his family.

She is the daughter Sandra to realize his dream, with a proper air of spontaneous enthusiasm and entrepreneurial. Hill Corvino, with a broad horizon from the Alps to the Apennines and an extraordinary view of Pavia, is the ideal place to achieve these objectives. On the way stop by the ancient Romans Sandra embarks on a journey that will live a new and important chapter in this estate. In the village of 5 houses, a guesthouse and a small church, surrounded by fields and vineyards, each family is home. The basis with respect to the character the Marquis Alfonso Corti was impressed with this place, Sandra goes to work to build the company.

Over the years, the estate will be almost completely replanted. Corvino San Quirico, who accepts it with a natural disposition, it becomes a little fantasy world: good wine, fruit, chickens, horses, rose gardens and a generous country that gives off life and beauty. The quality products that grow here are but a natural consequence of a place appreciated and recognized by the new owners. "Exciting confirmation", "fresh air" "elegance and personality attributes are chosen by winemakers and critics to describe wines, but just as well define the spirit of the place and the people who inhabit it. On the edge of the 45th parallel, the twenty acres of bouquet are the cradle of a culture that values the full character of the area, once part of the ancient Piedmont, restoring a deep bond with France, which in this land and the family has Braggiotti strong roots.

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Tenuta Mazzolino
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Corvino San Quirico (PV)
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Jean Francois Coquard
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