Buy wines Orsolani The history of Cellar Orsolani begins at the end of 1800, when the grandfather John and his wife recalled Sunday from America falling longing for the land.
Open an Inn "Inn Aurora" while the great-grandmother followed the work in the kitchen, John Orsolani worked in the countryside and in the winery to produce wine that needed. The success, he is, that the winery launched out and the next generation will devote all his time in such activity.

The hard work begins on the vine Erbaluce but around '67 with the advent of the appellation of origin. The results of this work all based on research quality, the cellar door Orsolani to a position of privilege over the last thirty years.

Starting from 1968, with the first sparkling wine 's Erbaluce that in those years was a great innovation, the Cantine Orsolani obtain certification DOC Sparkling on.

In 1985 "The Rust" which introduces the concept of sorting and demonstrates for the first harvest, the possibilities for this variety even in his expression of dry white wine.

In 1988, after several years of experimenting, the Cellars Orsolani introduce the use of fermentation barrels in the past, the historical product, more sensitive to modernize, reduce oxidative aging together so that today can be called micro-oxidative. The result is a passive solar is compared to the great sweet wines, non-aromatic Italian.

In 1996 with "Vignot": "San Antonio" and "St. Christopher", cellars Orsolani introduce the concept of "cru", which is not based solely on the origin of the grapes from a single vineyard, but also on Next vinification and aging, specifically designed for those particular grapes.

Currently Orsolani Cellars, vinified Erbaluce obtained from approximately 15 hectares of vineyard and production is about 100 thousand bottles divided among other products

In the area of Piedmont called Canavese viticulture dates back to ancient times, certainly prior to the conquest of territory by the Romans, who, under the leadership of the consul Terentius Varro defeated the indigenous population of Salassi.

Romans themselves, their rational imported in the cultivation method, which, unless some improvements, remains in that charged: ramification at least one meter from the ground and development of branches on a structure called "Alten Canavesano .

To enable the area as a traditional wine affect two very important factors, a hilly area, created in the glacial hills composed of soft and elongated profiles (moraines) which consists of sandy clay soil and pebbles, a climate mild whose average temperature is just under 13 °, but in August, the month important for the maturation, with peaks of 25 ° C.

That same month, the rainfall is fairly small (around 70mm), thus promoting the integrity of the berries
(Essential for the production of the past).

The most common variety is the Erbaluce, that produces three wines:
The Erbaluce of Caluso doc
Caluso passito,
Erbaluce of Caluso Sparkling doc ..

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