Chateau Liot

Chateau Liot

Buy wines Chateau Liot Jerry DAVID represents the 5th generation of the family which has been tending the 40 hectares of the "LIOT" and "SAINT JEAN DES GRAVES" vineyards.

As early as 1266 the Barsac Provostship is mentioned un the "Rôles Gascons" which is a testimony to how old this parish is. Provostship go back further in time than seneschalsy and bailwicks. This provostship was a very distinguished judicial authority to which the vineyards added handsome incomes. On of the Provest of Barsac became archbishop of York during the anglo-gascon alliance.
For a very long period during the Middle Ages the Barsac Provostship spread out to the seaside to the Buch area.
In the 17 th century it covered nearly alI the area of the current "Barsac - Sauternes" appellation - In 1708 the provostal territory was reduced to just Barsac which had however kept judicial rights over the 5 neighbouring parishes : Bommes, Preignac, Sauternes, Pujols et Seron (Cérons).
In 1714 the accountable parishes asked Louis 14 th to be returned to the Provostship but the king would not hear of it.
Because they were not able to place themselves in the Sun-king's limelight, the wine - growers ofthe 5 parishes turned the sun into a king and kept it a prisoner among the vine bunches....
This is how one of the most famous white wine in the world originated in and around Barsac".

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Chateau Liot
Château Liot - 33720 - Barsac
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