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0,75 l  -  13.00%
Straw yellow with green highlights
The nose is medium evolved, fine and elegant. We distinguish the typical smell of crusty bread and cassis
Fine and very persistent. Dry with a pleasant aromatic persistence and good roundness, is the classic sparkling wine par excellence
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HK$ 250.00
Serving temperature:
06 - 08°C.
5 - 10年
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名称 Monsupello Brut
葡萄酒类型 白葡萄酒 经典气酒 brut
分类 VDP
格式 0,75 l Standard
区域 伦巴第大区
葡萄 10% Chardonnay, 90% Pinot Nero
Location Hilly Band of the municipalities of Torricella
土地的组成 Clay and limestone
系统 Guyot
每公顷植物数量: 4500
每公顷产量: 90 q.
收成 Second half of August
生产技术 The pruning Guyot runs from late November, maintaining a number of 8-9 buds per vine. From May, with scacchiatura and suckering are eliminated superfluous shoots and tied the major ones; are basic operations for maintaining a good balance of vegetative and productive of the plant, especially in the case of young vines. In early August, after veraison, runs a slight thinning out to deliver the best production of the screw on the branches closest to the strain and to avoid the emergence of clusters bundling (the main cause of the attack of gray mold in humid years); the green harvest, which promotes better ripening of the grapes, allows to have a higher concentration of aromatic substances as well as improved health product. For over 10 years we practice the grassing of the vineyards to create a more balanced relationship hair-root of the vine and to safeguard the beneficial insects to the vineyard; for the same reason are used pesticides with low environmental impact and avoided the use of chemical herbicides. The grape harvest is manual, in boxes of 18 kg.
酿造 The vinification begins with the soft pressing of the whole, which leads to the separation of the must from the skins; in different containers separate the juice (or the first 50% of draining liquid pressing, more fruity, sour and end) from the must of second pressing. The juice, clarified and decanted after about a day, is fermented in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C.
陈年 After a period of aging in steel, is made to the cuvee of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that undergoes tartaric and protein stabilization and filtration; in the "draft" is put into bottles champagnotte along with a liqueur de tirage, composed of wine, sugar and yeasts. The bottles are corked with bidule and crown cap and stacked in the basement to ferment at a constant temperature of 14 ° C; the aging of the post-fermentation on yeast hulls lasts at least 30 months before moving to the riddling of the bottles on pupitres. During the disgorgement, the bottle is uncorked, is eliminated the residue of yeast fermentation and is added to the liqueur d'expédition; Finally, the sparkling wine is corked with cork mushroom, and prepared for sale.
酒精 13.00%
总酸度 7.50 gr/L
PH值 3.10
干提取 28.00 gr/L
匹配 Ideal aperitif, can be approached in several preparations, mainly based on fish and shellfish. Excellent with risotto with seafood or squid ink. Among the main courses, grilled and fried seafood. It is perfectly suited as a basis for preparation of cocktails; especially Kir Royal, Bellini, Rossini, or mixed with fruit.
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该农场Monsupello诞生一个多世纪以前,在1893年,当家人Boatti在奥利瓦GESSI镇钙德尔交通意外伤亡援助已经奉献给他们的葡萄园的照顾。 1914年Boatti买,几公里外,另发现托里切拉Verzate镇被称为“Podere酒店香格里拉Borla”。这里BUIT地窖,同样的,今天已经升级和现代化的原屋的葡萄酿造和那些逐渐掌握。 In1959,卡罗Boatti,谁代表的第三代酿酒师,现在他的儿子Pierangeloê劳拉的帮助下,给出了进一步的发展,公司在Casteggio,R...


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