Castello Bonomi

Castello Bonomi

Buy castello bonomi 葡萄酒 The name Franciacorta has its roots in the Middle Ages, when these lands were entrusted to small communities of Benedictine monks, exempted (francae) by taxes (curtes), so that they were reclaimed and cultivated.

Here the first so-called biting wine was born, as early as the thirteenth century, four hundred years before that in Champagne. Land of abbeys and priories, this moraine area bounded by Monte Orfano, Monte Alto and the hills of Lake Iseo, knows its first major development in wine production in the second half of the 800, when the historian Gabriele Rosa could define it land of "excellent black and white wines". On the slopes of Monte Orfano, a jewel in a marvelous casket, stands the Castello Bonomi, the only Chateau of Franciacorta. The Castello Bonomi estate takes its name from the original Art Nouveau building designed by architect Antonio Tagliaferri at the end of the 19th

Perfect geometric lines and clear colors define the hilly area of ​​Franciacorta. Narrow between the shores of Lake Iseo and the Oglio River, bounded by the Rhaetian Alps and Mount Orfano, it is a unique reality in the world, which combines vineyards and medieval villages, capable of evoking a still hidden charm. The excellence of these places is the synthesis between the conformation of the soil, the temperate currents of Lake Iseo and the thermal excursions between day and night brought by the breezes that blow from Val Camonica. These peculiarities become even more evident on the slopes of Monte Orfano, one of the 7 vocational units for the production of Franciacorta. At Castello Bonomi the origin of the soil is different and older than almost all of the Franciacorta territory. In fact, it is due to tectonic lifting derived from the crusting of the earth's crust. The seabed, rising, brought with it organic residues that were calcified and cemented forming the congolomerate typical of this area. And here the Castello Bonomi vineyards extend, in an ideal environment for the cultivation of grapes suitable for the production of long-lived Franciacorta and minerals.

The men, born and raised in the hills of Franciacorta have been able to understand the importance of this environment, learning to know it and identifying its characteristics and peculiarities, asking their vines to always offer the best. The work in the vineyard is pure passion and with great skill and total dedication nothing is left to chance. The secrets of the vigneron are handed down over the years: from the form of breeding to pruning to the harvest, made strictly by hand to select only the best grapes. In the terraces of Castello Bonomi, where each stock gives only a few clusters of the highest quality, the Chardonnay is cultivated, which gives pleasant fruity and mineral notes and Pinot Nero, with its complex aromas, which gives the wine structure, character and elegance. Only the love for the vines and the perfect fusion between the different vines that make up the same Franciacorta can make a wine really special. The estate has an area of ​​24 hectares. The vineyards are enclosed in the marvelous natural amphitheater of Monte Orfano, and develop up to 275 m.s.l. of the sea with south, south-east, south-west exposure, in the municipality of Coccaglio. Located on hilly terrain, partly on steps and surrounded by a centuries-old park, the vineyards enjoy a particular microclimate, which with its fresh and temperate influences gives the area unique and unique characteristics, such as to allow optimal maturation of the grapes. The vineyards are all planted with spurred cordon, with the optimal density of 5/6 thousand plants per hectare. The system of breeding and the chosen sixth of plant, guarantee the low production and the high quality of the grapes that come from French cuttings. The yield for the reds of 1-1,2 kg. per plant, for whites 1-1.5 kg. and 1.5-2 kg. for the Franciacorta DOCG vines. A production deliberately contained for the maximum in terms of qualitative return.

Splendid ancient vaults and fascinating pupitre mark the sky and the path within which the work of yeasts and time is marked. These are two of the fundamental elements, together with the passion and competence of the chef de cave and his team, to achieve the uncompromising quality that distinguishes the Franciacorta of Castello Bonomi. The recovery of the historic cellars combined with the creation of new underground spaces has provided the Castello Bonomi estate with cellars with a total area of ​​more than 1500 square meters. Sophisticated air-conditioned spaces at different temperatures used for barriques allow you to fine-tune the white wines, red wines and Franciacorta DOCG, in French oak barrels, to optimal conditions. Steel tanks at controlled temperature for maceration and fermentation, as well as peristaltic pumps and presses with delicate pneumatic presses, are the equipment of our production cellars. In the aging cellar there are large stacks of bottles that refine on the yeasts, long rows of pupitre that complete the production cycle, and bottles that patiently wait to mature for at least 8 months after disgorgement. The annual production of the company is about 150 thousand bottles: 100 thousand of Franciacorta CruPerdu, Satèn, Rosé, Millesimato, Cuvée Lucrezia and Lucrezia Etichetta Nera, Cuvée del Laureato; the rest divided between the Curtefranca: Solicano, Conte Foscari and Cordelio.

The history and the charm of the place inspired the concreteness and the passion of the project that guides Castello Bonomi transforming an enchanted place into a dynamic business reality in which wines of superior quality are produced. The philosophy of Castello Bonomi places above all things a deep dedication and a great passion in producing Franciacorta, which is constantly manifested in the inflexible choices to create a Franciacorta with a sublime flavor and unique style. The secret art of the chef de cave expresses the ability of a master to work with his work: wine. From soft pressing to winemaking, from assembly to tirage, from froth to remouage and finally to dègorgement, a very long process where time and passion play a decisive role.

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Castello Bonomi
Via San Pietro, 46 - Coccaglio (BS)
Leonardo Valenti e Luigi Bersini

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生产者 Castello Bonomi
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