Bombino Nero


葡萄品种 Bombino Nero
同义词 bambino, buon vino.
葡萄色 红葡萄
成熟期 The first fifteen days of October.
生产率 Often abundant and constant.
产区 It is spread mainly in the province of Bari.
历史 Vine cultivated for a long time in Puglia, which could originate in Spain. It seems that the origin of the name derives from the particular shape of the cluster, which resembles a child with arms raised a little; hence the custom to call it Child, in Apulian dialect, then in Bombino's time. It is also known as Buonvino, a nickname due to the high vigor and the high yield in both raw material and must. The term is more likely to come from the Spanish word Bovine, where, in Spain, the letter "v" is pronounced "b" and therefore, by Italianizing the term, it has been obtained in the years the word Bombino, which is indicative of good wine and consequently Good black wine. The cultivation area is that of the north-barese, low foggiano, with a tendency to expand throughout the center of Italy.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: medium size, quinquelobata, petiole breast overlapped edges, lateral limbs superior to liver, U lower lateral sinuses; Top greenish, shiny, glabraous page; Lower face aracnoid, bushy and thick limb; Lobby revolutions; Corner at the top of the acute terminal lobes. Ribs, both on the top and bottom pages, are green and protruding on the bottom page. Uneven edges with straight margins, with very pronounced teeth on broad base, slightly convex on one side and concave on the other. Bunch: large, compact, predominantly composed or winged (2 wings), visible peduncle, woody to the first branch; Medium pedicels; Obvious searches; Short brush of reddish color. Acino: large, spheroidal, circular cross-section, of blue color, pruinous, thick, consistent; Persistent and prominent navel. Medium-soft pulp, colorless juice, neutral flavor; Separation of the acorn from the easy pediment.

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