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In ancient times, Basilicata was strongly affected by the Greek influence, as evidenced by the still widespread tree-breeding and the most cultivated vine, the aglianico, which absolutely identifies the oenology of this region. The most suitable areas are located on the Vulture hills, with volcanic soils and very high plant density, where it has found the ideal habitat to give juicy clusters used in the production of Aglianico del Vulture, one of the greatest Italian wines and the only DOCG of the region.
The particular alpine microclimate of this territory, with short summers, harsh and long winters, frequent frosts, and the international vines cultivated at about 600 m, give wines with a strong and well-structured character.
In 2009, wine production in Basilicata was 144,000 hl, but what is striking is the lowest national yield, with around 5 t/Ha.

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Information about Basilicata

Territorial morphology
Plain: 8%   Hill: 45%   Mountain: 47%
Soil and climate
The climate is continental in the most internal and elevated parts, with low winter temperatures and snowfalls in the mountains, while the summers are mild but short-lived. The coastal areas have Mediterranean climatic conditions, and in the areas of low hills and plains the winter is not cold and the summer is very hot. Even the rainfall is very varied, more abundant in autumn, with marked differences between the mountainous-hilly and the flat, with annual averages ranging from 500 mm in the hilly and plains, to 600-800 mm and more in the more raised.
Before being conquered by the Romans, this region was called Lucania. Subsequently with the emperor Augustus who united it with Bruttium, the current Calabria, began to be called Basilicata, which derives from the Greek basilikos (governor and prince). Later with the conquest of the Normans the name remained and the current borders remained the same. In the period from 1932 to 1947 the Region officially called Lucania. Today the name has returned to Basilicata, but the inhabitants are called Lucani.
Typical products
Basilicata is a rather unknown region with regard to wines. The only wine worthy of note is the Aglianico del Vulture DOC made with the ancient grape of Greek origin, Aglianico that grows on the slopes of Mount Vulture. It is a full-bodied wine that with its hint of wild berries and its severe tannins recalls Piedmontese Nebbiolo wines.
Typical dishes
Among the agricultural products, the cultivation of sugar beet and tobacco is very developed, but the olive tree is growing strongly, while the breeding is almost exclusively sheep and goat, with a good presence of the pig. Details are typical fava bean purée and chicory, and broad beans and chards made with boiled and pureed beans, served with raw oil and boiled beets, fusilli with broad beans. From the dairy sector are excellent fresh cheeses such as burrini, caciocotte, mozzarella, provolone, scamorza, various types of differently seasoned ricotta, pecorino pasta hard and semi-hard, tasty and aromatic as that of Fiano, the canestrato di Moliterno with goat's milk and sheep and caciocavallo podolico, considered the king of southern spun paste cheeses, made from cow's milk. The famous beans of Sarconi, a small municipality in the province of Potenza, are particularly appreciated also because they cook quickly, followed by the peppers of Senise, tasty and characteristic of the gastronomic tradition of Basilicata, both IGP products.
White grape variety
Grottino di Roccanova
Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri

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