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Many of the reference wineries today are founded by Armenians emigrated abroad who have returned to invest their resources, economic and intellectual, so in the beloved homeland it is still very difficult to talk about a style and a unique face of Armenian wine. The role of European, French and Italian consultants, especially in large companies, is still incisive, not necessarily in the right direction. Excessive use is still being made of biotechnology, wood and filtration, referring to large companies. It is not always easy to recognize the terroir and the characteristics of the vines, although they are of undoubted greatness. There are obviously also small and medium-sized artisan companies that produce quality and character wines. Among those two names to mention: Zorah and Trinity Canyon Vineyards, both located in the area of ​​Vayotz Dzor, the most important for Armenian viticulture.

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A debate has been underway for several years on what is the home of wine. Many believe it is the Caucasus, or the present-day Georgia, where grapeseeds have been found that prove very ancient vinifications. Even the areas of Mesopotamia and Israel have very long traditions, as do the lands around the Black Sea. Recent archaeological discoveries point however to another country as the most probable homeland of wine: Armenia. In 2011 a group of archaeologists led by the Armenian archaeologist Boris Gasparyan discovers in the remote mountainous area of ​​Vayotz Dzor the oldest cellar in the world found so far, dating back to 6100 years ago. The cellar was complete with press, where the grapes were pressed with the feet, and separate terracotta containers called karasi in Armenian destined for winemaking and wine storage. The finds of stalks and grape seeds in the cave prove that it was there that the first vinifications of humanity were carried out. This extraordinary discovery arouses great international interest.

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Producer Zorah
Wine type Red still
Region: Armenia
Grapes: 100% Areni Noir
Alcohol: 13.50% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
HK$ 320.00

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