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Federico Graziani Etna Rosso 2016

Federico Graziani Etna Rosso 2016

Front Federico Graziani Etna Rosso 2016
Back Back Federico Graziani Etna Rosso 2016
0,75 l  -  13.00% by vol.
Profumo di Vulcano
Vulcano Perfume is a wine that comes from a rational viticulture and respecting the balance that the physiology of the vine requires, by intervening as little as possible and only if it is really necessary.
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18 - 20°C.
15 - 25 years
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Name Federico Graziani Etna Rosso 2016
Wine type Red still
Year 2016
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Sicily
Grapes 45% Nerello Cappuccio, 45% Nerello Mascalese, 10% Alicante
Location This small vineyard is located in the "Contrada Feudo di Mezzo" Passopisciaro, the town of Castiglione di Sicilia (CT), on the northern slope of Etna.
Composition of the land The vineyard is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, protected from the winds of Scirocco and undergoes daily temperature range of about 28 ° in September, to allow a longer maturity and rich in complexity compared to other wine regions
System Viticulture sapling: typical of Etna, is the farming system that ensures greater balance to the plant. Vulcano Perfume comes only from old vines well bred and supported by chestnut poles.
Yield x hectare The vineyard is processed manually, with motor hoe or through the mule support. They do not use pesticides or systemic treatments but only little copper and sulfur and occasionally antibotritico. The aim is to keep the vineyard in equilibrium with the membership microcosm ..
Harvest Selected, from late September to the first week of October, according to the climatic year. The choice is, however, in contrast, the early harvest to keep alive the freshness and the dorsal nerve of the wine.
Production technique Manual processes: thanks to the working group organized by Salvo Foti, headed by Pagano, the vines are worked entirely by hand, with the support of a mule or a rotary tiller. the irrigation lack: many vineyards, especially younger ones, may fear periods of stress, especially during the hottest summers. Thanks age of the vineyards and the farming system used, the grapes are characterized the climatic without suffering. Each vintage must have reflected the light collected during the year, be it so much, or little more than we would like. No to synthetic fertilizers and systemic treatments: these are mainly synthetic products. Systemic treatments enter the body of the screw, the nitrogen-based fertilizers can be considered as doping for the vineyards. We do without it, gladly. If necessary, however, a antibotritico treatment is used but only if the conditions and phenological time of life requires it. As fertilizer and not every year, a little manure. Little sulfur dioxide: there are companies that today make less. For what it's worth my experience as a taster, I fear wines without added sulfur, common sense must prevail. Little in difficult vintages, very little in the sunniest. Indigenous yeasts: in this case a choice in respect of the territory, by simply using the existing yeasts on the skin of the grapes. The selected yeasts tend to drive the fermentation to its maximum efficiency, however, losing part of the complexity that an indigenous people can provide.
Aging Ageing: small and medium-sized barrels (also for l'esigua quantity produced) Wood not new and for a limited period, 12-14 months. Too often in my life I criticized the sommelier wines aromatic expression is extremely close to the wood aromas. Phenolics, no thanks: Vulcano Perfume is characterized by a non-immediate nervous ridge obtained by a late harvest and never devoid of surmaturazioni. The excess of alcohol and roundness are two characters that little support in the wine, in my species.
Alcohol 13.00% by volume

Profumo di Vulcano

From this winery:
Profumo di Vulcano is a wine that comes from a rational viticulture and respecting the balance that the physiology of the vine requires, by intervening as little as possible and only if it is really necessary. This small vineyard is located in the "C...
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