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Walter Massa is an independent and courageous vintner who, from the 70s, at the helm of the family winery has managed to change and relaunch the oenological face of an entire territory, that of Tortona hills. The biggest merit of Walter Massa, a figure almost legendary and considered by many colleagues as a master, is that of rediscovering a vine that risked extinction, the Timorasso, sensing the great potential and obtaining memorable wines.
Massa Vineyards is the name of the family winery, founded by Walter's ancestors in 1879, which today boasts 23 hectares of property on the hills of Monleale, about 300 meters above sea level. We find the typical vineyards of the territory: Barbera, Croatina, Freisa and above all Timorasso, for which are reserved for 10 hectares. In line with the long family and territorial tradition, these vineyards are cultivated with dazzling attention anda lot of common sense, minimizing treatments. An enemy of all forms of bureaucracy and always against the tide, Walter is convinced that wine is made in the vineyard and in the cellar and not with brands and documents. This is why he chose not to use appellations for many of its labels, thanks to his well-established reputation true artisan of wine.
Walter Massa's production line is represented by Timorasso, which under the name Derthona has now established itself throughout Italy as white wine typical of the Tortonese Hills. Nevertheless, there are even great red wines too, produced with Freisa, Barbera or Croatina. These are unique and unconventional wines, the result of the skill and creative flair Walter Massa: a real oenological pearl of an area with very high potential.

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    Vigneti Massa
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    Piazza G. Capsoni, 10 - Monleale (AL)
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    Walter Massa
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Vigneti Massa
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