The history of our estate begins in 1890 when Gaston Henriet, my great-grandfather, decided to keep part of the harvest (which he then sold to large houses) in order to try the wine-making adventure.

His son Robert Henriet took over in 1830 and kept ont working. Driven by the enthusiasm for Champagne de Vignerons, he developed his clientele through fairs in Paris, Lille and Lyon.

In 1962 Daniel Henriet, grandson of the founder, was 16 years old when he decided to take over and study wine before joining his brothers on the family estate. A few years later he met Mademoiselle Micheline Bazin, daughter of winegrowers from Villers-Marmery whom he married in 1968. The union of their two families gave birth to Champagne Henriet-Bazin … I would not arrive until a few years later.

After spending my childhood in my father’s boots, I joined the house in 1991 and decided to keep all of my harvest for vinification.

Respect for nature, the land, the vines, our wines and our customers Respect is knowing how to listen. And for over 15 years now, we have been listening to the whispers of nature and have come to understand it better. Abandonment of weedkillers, respect for insects, grassing of our vines, sowing of plants to replace fertilizers, work in harmony with the lunar cycles …

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