Cà del Baio
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Cà del Baio

This historic company in Treiso sees the owner Giulio Grasso at the head of all the processing phases, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, with his wife Luciana and three daughters, Paola, Valentina and Federica.

The natural heritage of 31 hectares of vineyards is concentrated mainly on the most suitable places for the production of Barbaresco: Marcarini, Pora, Asili, Vallegrande.

A biological management and non-invasive winemaking techniques, which also exclude the filtration of wines and contemplate the use of large barrels, allow a clear reading of the vintages and terroirs. And the not happy vintage, as it was considered 2014, actually only partially in the Babaresco area, highlights the fabric of the skilled winemaker.

The wines are very expressive, fragrant, elegant and balanced. In this sensory gallery of great breath, the champions of race stand out even higher ...

Information about Cà del Baio

  • Name
    Cà del Baio
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    Via Ferrere Sottano, 33 - Treiso (CN)
  • Website
  • Oenologist
    Giulio Grasso
  • Bottles produced
  • Hectares
  • Percentage of grapes purchased
    Only proprietary grapes.

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