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Information about Verdiso

Grape variety Verdiso
Synonyms verdisa, pedevenda, verdisco, verdisa grossa, verdisone.
Grape color White grape
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Medium-Good
Ripening period October 1-15
Productivity Abundant and constant.
Growing areas This vine was cultivated in the Treviso hills, in the Coneglian area already in 1600.
History The Verdiso grape variety appears to originate in the Euganean Hills, where it is, however, in our times no longer significantly present. It has been present since the beginning of the 18th century in the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area, where it was prefetched to other varieties thanks to its high productivity (although at the expense of the quality of the must).
Features ampelographic Leaf: medium size, pentagonal, almost equal to length, almost whole or trilobata; V-open pectoral breast, upper lateral veins above V shallow, lower lateral sinuses absent or just mentioned; Slightly lobed lobes, a little bit bent; Corner at the top of the rectangular lobe; Flap slightly folded to eaves but more often flat. Tops of light green, smooth, dull, thin, glabra; Bottom page of very light green color, glabra but with some bristles on the ribs of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° order and hair follicles at the crossing of ribs; Rimmed, greenish ribs, though a bit red at the base of the two pages and protruding to the bottom. Teeth not very pronounced, in two series, sharp, with margins slightly convex. Bunch: Medium size, 15-20 cm long, usually medium compactness (in fresh and fertile soil, however, is compact), pyramidal, simple or with a wing; Visible peduncle, herbaceous, green, medium thick; Half pedestals, big, green; Evident, smooth, green look; Medium brush, yellowish green. Acino: more than medium size (17.7 mm diameter), slightly elixidal shape, regular, smooth cross section; Green-yellowish skin, pruinose, slightly dotted, thin, small, persistent navel; Juicy flesh, soft flavor springs.
Features wine The wine obtained from the verdure vine is of straw yellow color. On the palate it is fresh, fruity, light.
Notes Resistance to diseases: normal to mildew and oesophageal disease, slightly sensitive to rotting (Botrytis cinerea) if it rains at the approximation of maturation.
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Producer Silvano Follador
Wine type White sparkling charmat method pas dosé
Region: Veneto
Grapes: Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta trevigiana, Perera
Alcohol: 11.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
Price HK$ 225.00
Save HK$ 38.80 (17%)
HK$ 186.20
Producer Ruggeri
Wine type White sparkling charmat method dry
Region: Veneto
Grapes: Glera, Verdiso
Alcohol: 11.00% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Special Features:
HK$ 150.00

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