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Information about Teroldego

Grape variety Teroldego
Synonyms teroldigo, teroldega, teroldico, tiraldola.
Grape colour Red grape
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Good
Ripening End of September, early October.
Productivity Good and constant.
Areas of cultivation It is spread only in the area called Campo Rotaliano, in the province of Trento, where it appears to have arrived from the nearby province of Verona where, although rarely, is still under the name of Teroldico.
History Teroldego is an ancient grape variety, and has been cultivated in Italy for hundreds of years. Several theories abound about the variety's name, including that it is derived from Tiroldola, another historic variety. It has also been suggested that the name is the Italian form of "golden Tyrol", based on the status its wines achieved throughout Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Ampelographic features Leaf: large, pentagonal, slightly elongated, trilobated; Pioneering breast at closing V-U; Shallow upper side breasts, V or U; Lower side breasts just mentioned; Corner at the top of the upper right lobe; Flap slightly wavy with the edges of the lobbies facing down; Upper page glabra, smooth, green; Lower sublanugginous page, greenish green; Flashy ribs, rosy at the bottom in the bottom; Medium-pronounced, double-sided, acute teeth. Bunch: medium and larger, elongated, pyramidal (rarely cylindrical), occasionally with two small wings; Of medium compactness; Visible, long, medium thick, woody peduncle until the first branch; Medium, thin, green or red-violet pedicels; Unknowable, wicked, vined red; Small, reddish brush; Easy acina separation. Acino: medium (cross-section mm 14,6), of spheroidal shape or slightly subtree, regular; Thick, crunchy, pruinose, black-colored skin; Persistent navel; Juicy flesh, simple, sweet, acidic flavor.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine obtained from the teroldego is ruby ​​red, not very concentrated. The scent is intense and fruity, with typical hints of raspberry and pepper. Soft and medium-sized, it is nicely balanced, with little tannicity.
Notes Resistance to diseases: a little sensitive to mildew and oesophageal disease; The grapes go a bit subject to rotting in the very humid autumns.

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