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Schiava Gentile

Schiava Gentile

Information about Schiava Gentile

Grape variety Schiava Gentile
Synonyms schiava piccola e media, kleinvernatsh, mittelvernatsch, rotervernatsch.
Grape color Red grape
Vigor Good
Ripening period Second half of September.
Productivity Medium abundant and regular.
Growing areas It is particularly widespread in Trentino-Alto Adige.
History Around the 13th century slaves were defined as those vines which, unlike the "maiores" or "maroche" raised high, were cultivated on low stumps along the rows and tied together. With this name, very different vines were indicated. This particular vine, "gentle slave of Tyrol", appears in Molon's work (1906) and according to Rigotti (1932) it is native to South Tyrol.
Features ampelographic Leaf: more than average, rounded, trilobata or almost whole, petiole breast often closed and with overlapping edges; Lower side nieces absent or just mentioned; Corner at the top of the obtuse medullary lobe; Corrugated lobes, little marked, a bit sharp; Wavy flap; Upper page dark green, dull, bollosa; Bottom light green page, with hairs along ribs; Protruding, greenish ribs. Thick teeth, a bit irregular, sharp. Bunch: medium size (about 15 cm long), pyramidal, with a wing, spatula; Visible, thin, herbaceous peduncle; Medium, thin, green pedicels; Noticeable, reddish, verrucous green; Medium brush, red. Since the leaf of this vine is very similar to that of the "Big Schiava" (and "Tschaggele"), it is the cluster that is best placed to distinguish the three vines. Acino: medium, subtropical, slightly irregular; Blue-violet peel, pruinal, tender, medium-thick; Persistent navel, infused; Juicy flesh, simple flavor, sweet.
Features wine The wine you get with the gentle slave has a great transparency and a vibrant ruby ​​red color. The scent is intense and fruity, a pleasant sensation that is also found in the nuances of aromatic persistence. The taste expresses discreet softness, with little accentuated pseudo-caloric and tannic sensations and, overall, a good balance.
Notes Resistance to diseases and other adversities: it is considered a bit sensitive to the oj and the grape rot.

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