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Grape variety Rossola Nera
Synonyms Non se ne conoscono, salvo quello di "Rossola" con cui è nota in Valtellina (Sondrio), ma che noi proponiamo di sostituire con "Rossola nera" per evitare confusioni con una "Rossola bianca" o "Rossola di Bertinoro" o "Rossiola" (ed in vulgo "Rusciola") o "Uva di Bertinoro" o "Rossella" o semplicemente "Rossola" sporadicamente coltivata nel Forlivese frammista all'"Albana", come uva mangereccia e da serbo, dall'acino a maturazione di colore rosato o ambrato carico e la polpa carnosa. Tanto la "Rossola nera" quanto la "Rossola bianca" nulla hanno in comune con il Veltliner (Valteliner) rosso, altra volta dati per sinonimi (Molon).
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Good
Ripening First decade of October.
Productivity Regular, abundant.
Areas of cultivation Present exclusively in Valtellina.
Ampelographic features Leaf: (very reminiscent of the "Pignola") of medium size or a little higher than average, pentagonal, trilobed; lyre-shaped petiolar sinus, closing, upper lateral sinuses quite evident though with overlapping edges; upper page glabrous, dark green, opaque; fluffy underside, gray-green; flap bent to eaves, little lobes marked with revolute edges; angle at the top of the almost straight rectal lobe; flap surface a little wrinkled; lighter green veins on the underside that is coated with fluff; regular teeth, not very pronounced, convex, mucronate. Bunch: of medium size (about 18 cm long), cylindrical, often with a moderately pronounced, compact wing; visible peduncle, semi-woody. Berry: medium (transverse diameter about 16 cm), spheroid, regular, persistent navel; pruinose peel, of violet color, of medium thickness, consistent; juicy pulp, with a neutral flavor; pedicels rather short with little obvious rim; short brush, yellow; easy berry separation.

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