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Grape variety Petit Meslier
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Excellent
History Its cultivation is almost concentrated in the east of France, but has never reached an appreciable extent. In 1958 there were about sixty hectares, today it is reduced to less than 10. The use in the 50s was essentially aimed at the production of table wines, while in the area of Champagne ended impersonally in the most varied cuvée.
Ampelographic features Its shape is conical, somewhat collected, with small berries and has a peduncle colored red. The Petit Meslier likes to grow vegetatively downwards, rather than upwards, as do all the vines to look for sunlight.
Notes It likes calcareous soil and adequate exposure because it sprouts prematurely. The grape comes from the meeting of Savagnin (Jura) with Gouias (imported by the Romans during their presence in Gaul).

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