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Grape variety Müller Thurgau
Synonyms riesling x sylvaner, riesling renano x sylvaner verde.
Grape colour White grape
Aromas Aromatised
Variety Allochthonous
Vigour Very good
Ripening First decade of September.
Productivity Abundant and constant (it is advisable to take short pruning), good attachment; It prefers the fresh climate and soils not too dry.
Areas of cultivation It is particularly widespread in the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, although in recent times it is cultivated a little anywhere but always in hilly and mountainous areas.
History Grape obtained from a cross between rhine riesling and green sylvaner, by Prof. Hermann Müller of Thurgau (Switzerland). In 1876, the scholar, in 1876, returned to Switzerland at Wadenswill in 1891, managing director of the plant physiology section of the Geisenheim Institute in Germany, where he continued researching this vineyard. Introduced in Italy in 1939, it spread rapidly.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium size, pentagonal, quinquelobata and rarely trilobata; Close-up V-U pectoral breast, deep upper side, U-closed; Lateral lower breasts of U; Upper page glabra, green, opaque; Inferior glaze and light green; Wavy flap; Pointed lobes, bent at gutters; Corner at the top of the almost straight terminal lobe; Lightly bulbous surface; Protruding ribs, velvety, greenish, clear on the bottom; Medium-pronounced teeth, rather irregular, straight-sided, sharp edges. Bunch: Quite small (about 15 cm long), cylinder-pyramidal, often with a very pronounced, medium-sized wing; Visible, herbaceous, subtle peduncle. Acino: medium (average cross diameter 15.1 mm.), Ellipsoid, persistent navel; Pruinous dotted, dotted, yellowish green and golden on the sun, translucent, with obvious fibrovascular bundles, thin, not very consistent; Juicy pulp, with a slightly aromatic flavor reminding distantly of muscat, sweet and slightly acid; Medium-length pedicels, green with little noticeable, brownish look; Brush short and yellow; Separation of normal acina.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The color of the wine obtained from the müller thurgau is straw yellow with decidedly greenish nuances. The scent is intense, fine and fruity, with hints of green apple and herbs, and light vegetarian and mineral remedies. The taste expresses a good balance between freshness and softness, discreet structure and pleasant aromatic persistence.
Notes Resistance to the diseases: a bit 'sensitive to Botrytis cinerea (so much so that a proper slicing is advisable a bit before harvest); Normal resistance to mildew and oidio. It is less sensitive to other varieties of winter frosts and spring frosts. Due to its early ripening of the grapes in the area, sometimes it is damaged by insects.

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