Information about Massarda

Grape variety Massarda
Synonyms Tabacca
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Good
Areas of cultivation Massarda's cultivation area is still appreciated by the historical sources, namely the Ligurian extreme west, from the valleys of the Empire in San Remo, where the most common name appears to be Tabacca, and to Ventimiglia, where the synonym prevails Massard (Eros Mammoliti, personal communication). It is not possible to estimate the surface occupied by this vine, being present only in old plants and mixed with other varieties.
History The first citation of Massarda, otherwise known as Tabacca, seems to be that made by Acerbi (1825) or better by its correspondent Alberto Nota, which puts it in the white grapes "simple sapor" and "oblong acini" in the province of San Oar. The quotations in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are frequent for both synonyms and emphasize the high cluster size and the great productivity of the vine; Gallesio (1995), who observed the Tabacca among the grapes of Ventimiglia territory in 1829, says: "white grapes, bunches of strawberries, there are those of 8 to 10 pounds, large and long grapes produce a lot of grapes; Powerful, spirited wine. " Though already in these short notes one can easily recognize the physiognomy of the vine, a more detailed description of Massarda is provided by the ampelographic Commission of Porto Maurizio (1881).
Ampelographic features Massarda grapes are characterized by high fixed acidity, perhaps also linked to consistent productivity. In particularly favorable conditions, it seems to be able to provide fresh wines and interesting olfactory notes, at least according to some private experiences of pure Massarda grape wine production.

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